About Us

Discover What Drives Us To Excellence

Hello, I'm Charles Ulrich

Owner of Black Rifle Buildings. 

My goal is to deliver a quality customer experience you can tell your friends about. 

Ethics and Integrity

Our focus is providing a high value building for a fair price. Unethical shortcuts and confusing fine print have no place in our business.


Our buildings are built out of 100% American lumber. By buying American lumber we support American jobs and the US economy.

Child and Pet Safe Construction

Our buildings are built without harsh dangerous chemicals so you can have peace of mind knowing they are safe for the whole family.


Black Rifle Buildings LLC exists to give each customer, you, a great, solid experience in the shed and cabin world.


We value integrity and honesty and are selective in who we partner with so you can have the best possible experience from start to finish in choosing your shed or cabin!


Black Rifle Buildings LLC is currently serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.


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